For Teachers

Invisible Buildings was created for children aged from 7-9 with a grant from the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) in conjunction with Brighton University. It was designed as a way of introducing the curriculum subject – The Romans, in a Time Team like way of allowing children to discover and dig up a Roman villa from the comfort of their own playing field (and without having to lift a spade).

Since our first prototype, the game (or more correctly a simulation) has been played by over 2000 children, and as we have refined the technology it has become even easier to adopt. Furthermore we have dramatically cut the costs of playing and can now be delivered for as little as £1 per child.

In addition to the historical and archaeological aspects of Invisible Buildings, children learn about technology, geography and mapping, and (unitentionally on our part) ways of working in teams.

Apart from our Roman game, we have developed similar themes on Victorian Explorers and the hidden buildings of Lewes Priory. There are more games in development.

Invisible Building currently runs on Android tablets fitted with GPS (for example, Google Nexus 7, Samsung Galaxy Tab and Tesco HUDL. Other models may work as will some Android Smartphones).

Watch our videos of the game and if you would like more details, email a contact phone number to us at